Our Story

woman wearing red emyvale skirt holding golf bag

Welcome to Emyvale Golf, where the bold, beautiful, and golf worlds collide.

Emyvale Golf draws inspiration from the southern charm and beautiful outdoor surroundings of its hometown - Charleston, South Carolina. We embrace the bold in our apparel, game, and lifestyle. Take the risk, make the move, push the limits, and enjoy the journey. 

By Women Golfers, for Women Golfers

We make products built with quality materials and made for golf and made to last. We're breathing new life into the game and invite you to join us.

Bold Women's Golfwear

Emyvale Golf grew out of a frustration by founder, Maeve, to find exciting and well-fitting women's golf apparel. She ultimately decided to leave her corporate job and focus on building a bold women's golfwear brand with quality and functionality for golf.

The name Emyvale stems from Maeve's many summers spent visiting her Irish family and playing golf in Ireland. We're celebrating those memories and how golf brings people from all walks of life together across the world.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are also proud of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and free shipping and returns to provide the best experience for our customers. 

We Care About the Big Picture

We strive to make eco-friendly choices as much as possible because we care about the impact we leave behind. One of the biggest differentiators with Emyvale Golf is our eco-sustainable fabric. Want to learn about our brand values? Read more here.

Community Impact

One of our goals at Emyvale Golf is to give back in a really impactful way. As a daughter of a parent who was born profoundly deaf and faced many obstacles during childhood, creating opportunities for children with disabilities is a deeply personal goal for our founder. Therefore, we are in the process of partnering with golf camps for children with disabilities to help provide them access to this life-changing sport.